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HTU Statement on False HIV Publication

HTU Statement on False HIV Publication

Management of Ho Technical University (HTU) has on Monday, June 5,2023, issued a statement debunking a false publication that circulated on social media of an alleged outbreak of HIV in the University Community.

In the press release issued by the Registrar, Dr. Christopher K. Amehoe, indicated that the hoax should be disregarded as it is an entirely baseless and false publication and cautioned the public to desist from sharing the said false publication as it is tarnishing the image of the University and bringing it’s name into disrepute.

Addressing the issue he noted that the University Health Service, together with the Municipal and Regional Health Directorates of the Ghana Health Service have no information of the allegation of the “outbreak” of the University, neither has any individual interacted with them regarding the hoax.

The Medical Director of the University Health Service, Dr. Seyram Fiebor, in a meeting earlier, said that there has been no record of a case in the facility and added that the Ghana Health Service does not release any data or information regarding the health status of patients or clients.

Management has cautioned that legal action would be taken against any individual or entity found sharing the false publication, stressing that the University remains a safe and preferred institution among technical universities, globally.

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